Use the Collection Search box above to search through the Tamworth Powerstation Museum Collection.

You may choose to search the entire collection, or a combination of Items, Subjects and/or Reference material.

·         Our Items are the tangible artefacts that make up the museum collection. This catalogue includes only a small percentage of the items held by the museum but more material is being added on a regular basis.

·         The Subjects provide the supporting information about People, Places, Events, etc. that either relate directly to our collection policy or indirectly via an association to one or more of our Items.

·         The Reference section describes the written material in our possession, providing supporting information for the collection.

Once you receive the results of your search, you can refine these results further by filtering the types of Items or Subjects listed, by choosing a specific Item Type and/or Subject Type.

To see the details of any of the Items, Subjects or References click on the picture or the Name or the View button.

As well as providing more detailed information, this view shows all related entries, even if those entries are from a different section. Clicking on the related entry will show the details of that entry.

You can also choose how many entries you see on each page of results and you can navigate your way through the results pages. Please note, in order to prevent wasted time, if your search matches more than 500 entries, only the first 500 will be shown. We suggest you provide more detail to refine your search and hence retrieve fewer results.

If you cannot find the information you seek, please contact the Museum and we will assist you with any enquiry.


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