About Bendigo Historical Society

The Bendigo Historical Society Inc. is a voluntary non-profit Incorporated Association that began in November 1958.


The BHS owns a heritage collection of more than 45,000 items that is currently stored at the Bendigo Regional Archive Centre in Nolan Street, Bendigo.


The Society is run by volunteers who are responsible for managing and protecting the collection for future generations. Governance is by an elected committee.


Mission Statement


The aim of the Bendigo Historical Society Inc. is to encourage and facilitate the study of the history of Bendigo and district. The Society shall acquire, research, preserve, conserve, interpret and exhibit material which illustrates this history.


Statement of Purposes


·        To encourage the study of history, especially the history of Bendigo


·        To promote the compilation and presentation of authentic records relating to Bendigo


·        To promote historical research


·        To acquire by purchase or donation or by way of loan all such objects and materials as have bearing on the history of Bendigo and to establish, furnish and maintain libraries and museums to house and preserve the same


·        To accept gifts of money or chattels whether testamentary or otherwise


·        To promote interchange of information among members of the Association by lectures, readings, discussions, excursions and exhibitions of objects of historical significance


·        To publish books and papers of historical interest


·        To raise funds for maintenance of Society property and to further its interests


·        To establish and carry on rooms for the above purposes of the Society


·        To subscribe to, become a member of and/or co-operate with any other association, club or organization, whether incorporated or not, whose objects are altogether or in part, similar to those of the Association