Use this collection to see how the MOSAiC Web search mechanism works.

Try the following for an idea of how the information links together and is easily searched:

  • search for    horse   (enter horse, then click on   Search   or just press Enter)
  • click on the picture of the Postcard to see the details of the Postcard that has Harry Ferris on it
  • scroll to the bottom of the page to see the associated Subjects
  • click on any of the subjects to see their detail and to see how they in turn have other associated subjects
  • click on any of those subjects to continue following the story

 Try ticking  & un-ticking  Items / Subjects / Reference  and you'll see you can limit your search to particular types of information.

Once the results are shown, you can alter the number of results displayed on each page of results.

Click on the the name of a result, or its picture (if available) to see the details.

At the foot of the details, you will see links to other related data.  Click on any of them to see their detail.